The Importance Of Human Resource Management

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Introduction What is human resource management (HRM)? Is this role important in the business? Human resource management is the term regarding the management of people in an organization. There are many roles of human resource managers such as managing recruiting and hiring employees, coordinating employees’ benefit and suggesting employee about training and developing strategies. Their main role is advising managers about issues that related to employees and help the organization achieve the goals by managing and training employees. “Human resource management involves all management decisions and action that affect the nature of the relationship between the organization and its employees – its human resources” (Beer et al, 1984). "HRM is a…show more content…
First, without concerning about cultural differences, PTT focuses on expanding the business within the country, but ExxonMobil’s goal is to be the largest business in the world. This shows the different aspects of these two businesses in operating their organization. Also their business sizes are also different according to the annual report of these two companies. PTT, because it focuses about doing business in country, so total assets and liabilities are much less than those of ExxonMobil. Next is about the aspect of these two businesses and community. In PTT, the way it helps community is to give knowledge about sufficiency economy principle. On the other hand, ExxonMobil focuses on giving the opportunity to women. These differences are based on different culture of each country. In Thailand, there is a philosophy created by the King called sufficiency economy philosophy. Sufficiency economy is the philosophy based on fundamental principle of Thai culture. It is a means of development based on moderation, prudence, and social immunity, one that uses knowledge and virtue as guidelines in living. “I ask all of you to aim for moderation and peace, and work to achieve this goal. We do not have to be extremely prosperous…If we can maintain this moderation, then we can be excellent” (The King of Thailand, 1974). Thai people have been living based on this philosophy since the past, but when our world started to move forward, our society has been globalized, as a result, this philosophy disappeared. In order to make Thai people realize their original way of living, the King declared this principle publicly and tried to promote it again. Therefore, this philosophy was created by Thai King, so it is the culture that exists only in Thailand, so this is the very big cultural difference in these two businesses in the aspect of connecting with community. On the other hand, ExxonMobil is
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