Home Access Control Advantages And Disadvantages

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http://myhomedecorationideas.com/ (2 images 600px all) Category: Home Automation Title: The Advantages and Disadvantages of Home Access Controls Many homes today are heavily automated. One of the perks of modern living is the adaption of home security innovations such as access control systems. Let's take a look at the pros and cons of home access controls to see whether they’re right for your home. Advantages of Home Access Controls 1. Keyless Entry There are inconveniences that go along with locks and keys. Keys can get lost or misplaced, and then there goes your access down the drain. With home access control systems, you can install a keypad, a card reader, or a biometric reader to gain access to your property. There's no need to bring…show more content…
Automated Monitoring With home access control systems, you can monitor your kids, the elderly, guests, pets. You can protect your home from burglars, intruders, vandals, and uninvited outsiders. Disadvantages of Home Access Controls 1. Hacking Risks Security codes may be hacked. Fobs and cards may be lost and picked up by or given to the wrong people. Some homeowners allow cleaning person to get a keycard, and without proper control, anyone with a keycard or access to the property who doesn't belong to the family can breach the security. 2. High Costs Despite the "affordable" cost, not all families can afford to have access control in their homes. A thousand dollars is enough for a security system of a standard size home, but when it reaches several thousands of dollars, it becomes expensive. And if several people in the past have keys or access to your property, you might need to spend for rekeying. 3. Biometrics Issues Then there are issues concerning biometrics. Weather conditions, ageing and other elements that affect proper reading of biometrics render the system useless. There can be traffic in the reader section whenever there is a large number of people coming…show more content…
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