Persuasive Essay On Gender Equality

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As children grow up they are often asked what their dream job would be. When they finally reach that, the girls among them may only be paid a portion of what their male coworkers are being paid. This may at times seem ridiculous. Americans live in the twenty-first century and still don’t give everyone equal pay for the same job. There are moral and irrational reasons why this is so. In 2010 , the Equality Act was created to simplify previous anti-discrimination laws. It would protect people who were victim to both direct and indirect discrimination. It means that despite factors such as age, race, gender, disability, sexual orientation, and religion, they shall not be discriminated against. Part of the Act would establish equal pay to people.…show more content…
Iceland is known to have some of the best gender equality in the world. “There are laws mandating leave for parents and requiring that at least 40 percent of corporate board members are women.” (Suddath). This is the country trying to help the jobs not being majority run by one gender. Examples like that is how Iceland reduces their discrimination is by making each job have a specific ratio that businesses need to have. In Iceland women make ninety-two percent of what men make. Iceland is attempting to close this gap for good. Similar to the United States, Iceland has had a law against a pay gap since the 1960’s. But because there remains a pay gap with a difference of eight percent Iceland has decided to make those laws clearer and more inforced. Iceland has done that by having jobs (that contain twenty-five workers or more) to send in their payments to all the workers to the government. They have also claimed to increase pay for those that work harder and contribute more. Another effect of this new law is that it helps to decrease discrimination. When countries take action help to bring hope that there can be equal pay for

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