Advantages Of Industrial Automation

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Industry 4.0: What does automation mean for American jobs? Introduction When we think of robots we cast our minds into the realms of science-fiction and think of characters like C3P0 from Star Wars and the replicants from Blade-Runner. These examples are obviously fictional, but there are real robots that inhabit our world. Our robotics are not yet as advanced as C3P0, but they are still very impressive and are becoming increasingly capable of replacing human labour. These robots have been built to perform a wide range of tasks from the menial, such as cooking and cleaning, to more complicated jobs like surgery and bomb disposal. Robotics are also being used in factories due to their ability to produce high-quality products at blistering speeds, which has the potential to usher in a new industrial revolution. This is causing employers to replace portions of their workforce with machines, something that is stirring some debate. Advances in technology have led to the creation of machines that can perform tasks more effectively than humans. How will industrial automation effect the American job market? Evaluation Advantages It is not uncommon for businesses to report a drastic increase in production after the proper implementation of industrial automations. This is due to the fact machines excel at the tasks…show more content…
To that end, people working alongside robots in factories are exposed to fewer hazardous environments. This means less accidents occur due to fewer workers doing dangerous jobs. To give an illustration, an automobile manufacturer replacing the workers who apply paint to their automobiles with machines would mean less people are working in hazardous working environments where they are exposed to dangerous chemicals. In 2015, The United States Department of Labour reported a fairly steady decline in workplace injuries and fatalities since 2002

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