Touchless Manufacturing Case Study

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Question 2) Manufacturing plays a key role in modern economy. The last decades of globalization period drastically changed the manufacturing industry. Advancement in technology changed the traditional concepts of manufacturing and huge hike in production. Development of the manufacturing can be classified in to three era, beginning of manufacturing, current manufacturing, manufacturing in future. Beginning of manufacturing: before all manufacturing operations were done by hand. Without any computer assistance in each step of production. All the manufacturing operations are performed by the highly skilled workers which keeps slow production and high demand. Current manufacturing: highly automated with technologies at our finger tips. Customization of process and robotics cut down on processing cost. The time lag between process and human errors in assembly line could be avoided by highly automated systems. Work flow time and wastage of material could be eliminated by lean manufacturing and just-in-time. Flexible manufacturing technology allows to adjust quickly with unpredictable…show more content…
Millions of workers are required in short time period. To overcome this issues, touchless manufacturing technology implemented. This highly automated technology could not be possible without software. This highly automated touchless manufacturing works effectively when producing large volume and qualified tool. Great creativity and planning are required setup the system. advantage of touchless manufacturing are, improved quality, consistency of output, reduced labor cost. Disadvantage of touchless manufacturing are, its hazardous to environment, only highly monotonous works could be replaced. Industrial robots are good example touchless manufacturing. In circuit board mass production, industrial robots are used to place electronic component in circuit board with

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