Advantages And Disadvantages Of Social Media Essay

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Social media is whereby people share ideas, information, sell or buy goods and services at the internet. Some of the examples of social media include Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr and more. The use of social media can either have good or bad influence on you. Social media marketing is a website page where customers visit online to view, examine, and know the goods and services to buy from the internet. Items which can be buy from the internet includes cars, phones, houses, laptops, and more. But before one can sell or buy at these social media, there are rules, advantages and disadvantages you must know in order to achieve a successful purpose. Good Aspect Of Social Media Marketing 1. having good relationship with your customers. As many customers go online to view and examine…show more content…
chance to meet different customers. There are different customers who come on social media page every day. You will have the chance to meet either current or old customers in order to communicate with them about the goods and services your customers want to buy. 3. gaining trust and accepted by your customers. Since your customers will have good interrelationship with you, they will trust and accept all your brands. Your customers will like to view and examine all your brands and also try to get more detailed information about your brands. 4. Less expensive to get access. It is fast, simple and cost- free to have account at the social media like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. This makes your customer easy to gain access to your goods and services at the social media page. Bad Aspect Of Social Media Marketing 1. The possibility of having bad statements. Not always that customers will say something good about your brands but at times you will surely here or face bad statements about your brands as well. When you use social media always, you will meet different customers with different character in which there is high probability of facing bad

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