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Post-structuralist Approach The second approach is post-structuralism. Post-structuralism differs a lot from other approaches as it have another focus. Rather than focusing on an actor or structure, it has its focus on the portrayal or discourse. A big part of it is discourse theory, and here done by Laclau and Mouffe, and they have some specific features. “The overall idea of discourse theory is that social phenomena are never finished or total”, meaning that even though you have a clear view of something, you can always see it another way, there is no end point (Philips & Jorgensen, 2002, 24). How something can mean one thing in one setting, and something else in another. The focus I would have is Discourse theory, and to put in the perspective of Lacau and Mouffe. In discourse theory, there are some words used that is crucial when looking at things through this perspective, “a nodal point is a privileged sign around which the other signs are ordered; the other signs acquire their meaning from their relationship to the nodal point” (Philips & Jorgensen, 2002, 26). A nodal point in the context of the case of the independence could at first hand be seen as the referendum. It is what has changed the scenario of the situation, as the tension has risen, and seams to get more influence and as closer it gets.…show more content…
The difference between the two are that antagonism is the relation between enemies and agonism relation between adversaries (Mouffe,2005, 52). They should not be enemies and as she argues “adversaries do fight – even fiercely – but according to a shared set of rules, and their positions, despite being ultimately irreconcilable, are accepted as legitimate perspective” (Mouffe, 2005, 52). And that’s an important distinction to make, they can fight, but at this point their do not fight with the same rules of the game, they do not see the

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