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The world of today is often referred to as the “digital age” because of the great influence that both social media and technology have on our society everyday. Instead of leading protests or having campaigns like many activists before the digital age did to promote their causes, many people are active on social media and online to promote themselves. One popular global activist is Paris Saint-Germain striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who has paired with the World Food Programme to make people aware of the many hungry people all over the world, but are social media campaigns more effective than something such as a protest or traditional activist campaign? While there are both advantages and disadvantages to social media activist campaigns, they are still more effective than traditional activist movements for this day and age. Before continuing, establishing a definition for social media is an important aspect for…show more content…
This is a lot more effective than a traditional campaign such as a protest or a rally, because even the largest rallies in history have never totaled anywhere close to 15 million people. Another reason on how it is more effective is because the info never goes away. At something such as a rally, the speakers will one day stop talking, and everyone will go home, and the campaign has the chance to be forgotten at some point. With social media campaigns, anyone browsing Youtube or scrolling through Ibra’s instagram can still see the posts over the campaign, and it never really goes away. This is just another advantage that social media has over traditional forms of activism. A third advantage that social media creates is cost. The charge to post on Instagram or Youtube is free, while a rally or protest is most of the time very

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