Human Resource Management Department In The Procter & Gamble Is Global

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INTRODUCTION TO PROCTER & GAMBLE HR DEPARTMENT: Human Resource Management department is the key department in the organizational chart that plays the vital role in the success of the company. It performs the main function of organization like the recruitment of employee, training and development, planning, developing their capacity, utilizing, maintaining, compensating their service and providing the direction. The structure of HRM department in the Procter & Gamble is Global not the local one, because it operates in the different countries of the world. This can be attained by generating interdependencies with in the human resource community across the company. Group of ten teams actively work on the different area of the HRM activity like…show more content…
Weakness: UNIQUE POINT: The special point that is difference in the HR department of P&G is that they focus on the employee development since they recruit the employee. There is separate team for every area as they work effectively on the every area. P&G’s HR department is work on the large scale to make the operation efficient and effectively of the business. 1. Leadership development is a business strategy at P&G. 2. We build from within, and therefore, invest in getting the best talent at entry level. 3. We identify a global, diverse mix of talent and develop them through early responsibility and challenging assignments. 4. We leverage the scale of our organization structure to provide opportunities for leaders to grow by increasing their breadth of experience and depth of expertise -- across categories, geographies, functions and markets. 5. We use end-to-end integrated people and career development systems and a proven approach to develop employees through experiences, on-the-job training and coaching. 6. We expect managers to build the organization in addition to building the business, so leaders at every level actively recruit, teach, mentor and…show more content…
P & G Company hire the best employees and then they share those values and purpose for accomplish the company’s objectives and they become the leader of today and tomorrow. Company believe that the best brand can start with the best team it means that a group of talented employees can do the best for the brand and achieving the company’s purpose and also for them in the future

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