Adult Nurse Personal Statement

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From a very early, I have looked upon the adult nursing profession with respect, as I understand it can be quite a challenging and emotional career; but the dedication and enthusiasm of adult nurses to help improve other people’s lives and the impact it leaves on the patients, has inspired me to achieve this rewarding and fulfilling goal for every day of my life. To be an adult nurse I believe you have to have five qualities that make you perfect for the job, these are: commitment, courage, communication, competence and compassion. I like to believe I withhold all of these characteristics, making me a perfect applicant for the course at your university. Since starting my GCSE’s in high school, I realised my true passion for biology. I think the initial interest came from module ‘B1- You and your genes’, where I was profoundly fascinated with how we inherit certain characteristics from our parents. This fascination spread throughout human biology, not so much plant biology, but has now lead me to taking biology in college. Biology has not only been a passion of mine but it has also taught me a methodical approach to my work, the ability to think clearly and logically, and practical scientific skills.…show more content…
I believe having an understanding of psychology helps improve people’s lives daily. For example, by taking psychology as an A-level, the module biological psychology taught me stress management techniques that I applied to my revision and preparation for the exam period of As levels and A levels. Another example is that in the module cogitative psychology, it has taught me how to encode information within my revision techniques and how to increase memory retrieval. Overall I think psychology has gave me the skills of critical thinking, organisation, time management and interpersonal
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