Monsters Inc Unit 3 Assignment

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A black man approaching my house? Nah, it’s just Rick, my mom’s friend. He lets himself into my house. His girlfriend had arrived earlier and my sister didn’t lock the door when she let her in (I’ll yell at her later for that). He’s wearing a red T-shirt and beige cargo pants. His bald head is as shiny as ever. I walk him to my desk and the phone rings. It’s none other than my mom calling. I bring him and his girlfriend each a bottle of water as she tells me to. I sit in the chair across of which he sits in. My messy work desk is full of obsolescent and redundant papers, books and notebooks, and pens and pencils. It is 6:30 p.m. Monday night as I stress out about due dates- this assignment especially. The Monsters Inc. movie plays in the background

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