Social Interaction In Education

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The personal interactions and experiences we have not only in our everyday lives, but also more specifically in the field of sport and physical education, can have a direct impact on how we view those areas in the future. Throughout the course of one week, I became extremely aware of situations that occur on an everyday basis that many fail to notice. I thoroughly took note of specific social interactions and cultural norms that stuck out to me, and these came across in a mostly negative way. By far the most common types of interactions I experienced were related to the concepts of gender, sexuality, and nationality. In each of these topics, the individuals I observed had a personal identity thrust upon them, instead of being able to embody…show more content…
During one of my Introduction to Psycology lectures for nursing students, I noticed only five males were in the lecture hall of over one hundred students (Diary entry #4-October 6th). Many questions popped into my head regarding the stigma male nursing students carry. I thought about whether the sexuality of males who chose to pursue this career path is often questioned by many and if they are occasionally viewed as more being feminine by the general population. A study done by Christensen and Knight proves my assumptions to be correct, declaring many male nurses face male nurse sexual stereotypes and even discrimination by only being able to shower male individuals and hold male babies once they are born (2014, p.96). As a result of the sexual stereotypes they face, several male nurses will act in such a way that proves and highlights their heterosexuality. Since being a male in the nursing field is stereotyped negatively, many specialisations are experiencing shortages in the workforce. Research argues that more men entering the field would be a tremendous help for combating “…shortages in specialties such as school nursing” (Negative stereotypes prevent men from entering profession 2009, p. 7). While it appears that the younger…show more content…
As I was sitting in one of my lectures during my week of observation, I overheard a converasion happening between a male and a female classmate. The male student asked if she had a “rough night”, because of the relaxed clothing she was wearing and the small amount of makeup and hair products that she used that morning. She cooly responded with “no, I didn’t go out last night I had a paper due today so I was up late” and that clearly made him become a bit embarrassed (Diary entry #2-October 5th). I was shocked at the woman’s non-reaction to her male classmate’s rude statement. He was basically insisting that in order for her to be a healthy, normal female, she is required to dress in a specific way that highlights her gender’s features—having long hair and an appealing face. Even if she is stressed or simply does not want to dress nicely, gender norms nearly require her to do

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