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Todd Miller is a long experienced architect that dedicates his career to natural building in order to enhance and improve people’s lives in healthy beautiful ways. Miller moved to Ohio from Oregon right after becoming a licensed Architect in 1996. His love for nature and “bio-mimicry” -which he explains as “looking at nature’s patterns and mimicking them for design purposes” there is no waste in nature so he uses this observation as an additional guide when designing- were keys elements that contributed to his inspiration to become and architect. Miller expanded his architectural education and skills by constructing his own designs with his own hands since the 1900s. Miller pillars are environmental consciousness and personal responsibility as an Architect, which is what eventually led him to fund Oregon Cottage Company.…show more content…
They can be use as studios, offices, and temporarily or even permanent residences. A great variety of green materials are provided; for instance, passive and active solar, wind, geothermal technology, straw bale, cob, rammed earth, locally harvested wood, recycled materials and even retrofitting for rainwater collection. All of the tiny houses have different exteriors since it depends on the clients’ request, from mini suburban homes and townhouse and tiny cabins. Miller’s work-pride lays on any of his designs that have natural building materials like straw bale or cob yurt (clay, straw, sand, and water), however, I personally believe that his true pride lays on the Miller Residence that he built with his own

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