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Explained: The Three Dental Whitening Practices Over the last few decades, people have realized that having a bright, white smile is important to their overall social life and career choices. But what many people may not realize is that not all dental whitening practices are created equal. As whitening practitioners, we can often categorize the various whitening techniques into three main groups. Explaining each of these methods to our clients can help them make good, educated decisions on which option is right for them. At-Home Whitening Kits There are two types of at-home whitening kits, which can often be purchased at the grocery store, drug store, or a whitening professional’s office: custom-made bleaching kits and whitening gel kits with…show more content…
In addition to the mouthpiece, there is often a form of gel that is included in the kit, which contains a concentrated amount of hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide as the active whitening ingredients. The consumer typically applies the peroxide mixture to the mouthpiece, then wears it for up to eight hours – generally while sleeping – for a period of a few weeks. Some kits, however, can be worn for as little as one hour. The concentrated mixture offered in these kits are marketed to increase the speed of the whitening process. However, due to the high level of concentration and the extended period of use, many consumers may not realize that this type of product may put them at a higher risk of developing sensitivity…show more content…
If you choose to offer this service to your clients, keep in mind that these methods should only be used while under the supervision of a licensed dentist. Power and laser whitening uses a power source, such as a laser light, to activate the whitening agent in the gel to allow the customers teeth to absorb the peroxide mixture more easily. Additionally, because the light is needed in order to activate specific ingredients in the gel, it can be considered safer for the customers

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