Why Do Macromolecules Exist

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The main objective of this lab is to identify and examine which macromolecules exist in the twelve solutions after undergoing three tests. The twelve solutions used for the experiment are 1% glucose, 0.3% glucose-1-phosphate, 1% maltose, honey, 1% sucrose, 1% lactose, 1% glycogen, 1% starch, protein, beer, distilled water, and an unknown solution labeled with the number, 126. The first test conducted with these solutions was the iodine test and its purpose is to detect the presence of starch and glycogen. The second test is the Benedict’s test, which confirms if reducing sugars are present or not. Lastly, the biuret test will detect peptide bonds present in proteins. An iodine solution will distinguish starch and glycogen from all other

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