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AWC is a homegrown watch dealer and manufacturer that has a strong market standing and reputation as being the first to bring in innovative, stylish, unique and quality watches from around the world. AWC has recently diversify by creating their own brand of watches under the series called “Cutting Through Time” this timepiece is set to excite watch collectors and consumers alike with its dual functionality of automated and quartz movement incorporated into one watch. As this watch is the first of its kind in the market, AWC aims to inform consumers their position in the market, arouse interest and create awareness through the integrated marketing plan which consists of advertising on print advertisements in luxury, watch and expatriate magazines. Engaging brand ambassadors…show more content…
This is what AWC always strive to do and be at the top of the competitive watch market by recognizing its consumer needs and wants. 4.0 Environmental Scanning This section of the report is to analyze and study the Internal (Micro) and External (Marco) revolving around AWC Company. 4.1 SWOT Analysis (competitor analysis + statement of problems) STRENGTH WEAKNESS  Has its own production site in Switzerland which enable the company to produces their own design and components in-house.  Carrying different brands help to create awareness and interest in their AWC watches.  First technology that combined Automated and Quartz movement.  Uniquely Design  Due to it high pricing for the timepieces, it might not be able to attract middle and low earning users.  Lack of support of AWC’s own brand of watch.  Brand awareness maybe low due to its new product.  High advertising cost OPPORTUNITIES THREATS  As being the first in the market with its own dual function, it attract watch enthusiast and watch

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