3 Functions Of Control

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management is the main body; and the last is the business control which the operational management and the general staffs are the main body. In the three types of control, strategic control is at the top of the control, and the object and content is the formation process of the strategic objectives, the setting of corporate governance and the division of responsibilities and duties. The aim of control is to reduce the corporate governance risk which result from the strategic decision making risk. The business control is the basis of these three controls, and the control object and content is the specific business or events in the process of the implementation of strategy, the control purpose is to reduce the risk of operation or reduce affect…show more content…
Internal corporate governance is at the top of the hierarchy, management control in the middle position. The high-level control and low level controlled system to control the relationship between the and low level control with relation to top-level control. The board of directors controls the internal governance of the company. The control object is the risk of corporate governance (including the risk of strategic decision). The main body of management control is the management, and the control object is the enterprise management risk and financial risk. Business control treat the operational management and the staffs as the control subject, the control object is the operational risk of specific business or matters. The corporate governance risk has the influences on the management risk and the financial risk; the management risk and the financial risk have the adverse influences on the corporate governance risk. Corporate governance risk (including strategic decision risk), business risk, financial risk and operational risk is the control object of each part of the internal control, but also the specific content of risk management. Internal control and risk management are two different semantic expressions of control risk (or risk control), and there is no essential…show more content…
The global financial crisis deepened and spread and Toyota's recall events, which make the Markley Professor, as the representative of the St. Gallen Management School of management theory is respected and recommend by management academia and the business community. The school believes that today's sense of corporate governance has been discussed a lot, but most of the recent enterprise management is the wrong approach... Today's corporate governance must be repositioned, in some important aspects, it still needs to conduct in-depth and thorough reforms...Corporate governance must be transformed into efficient management; in addition, corporate governance must from command angle and lead angle which is involved in the content, and does not involve in customary laws and financial regulations in the corporate governance. These rules are necessary, but not

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