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The United States is a country that throughout history has been known for its, while sometimes controversial, largely influential foreign policy. While foreign policy is always changing, its most significant changes have usually come in the time periods following large scale wars, most specifically World War I and World War II. These wars brought great change to not only America, but also its outlook on the rest of the world. They caused great changes globally, and they didn’t skip out on the US. No, they affected the United States tremendously, whether it be improving the economy or worsening race relations within the country. Either way, the foreign policy of the United States following WWI greatly differs from the foreign policy of the United States post-WWII. More specifically, things taken place during the Cold War, such as the Truman Doctrine and the Marshall Plan, along with joining the United Nations, differ greatly from the isolationist movement following WWI, which led to actions such as failing to join the League of Nations and little intervention in foreign affairs, however the two time periods bear similarities in the fact that post-WWI the United States largely…show more content…
First, while the United States was mainly isolationist following WWI, it also managed to remain involved in Latin America, which is not unlike the intervention of the United States following WWII. This just shows that the U.S. had examples of international intervention in both time periods. Also, the United States maintained a negative attitude towards Communism after each World War, something shown greatly in the Red Scare post-WWI and McCarthyism post-WWII. While this might not have directly affected foreign policy, it perhaps prevented the United States from allying with such countries, and it definitely helped fuel the Cold War after World War

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