Nehemah Leadership Analysis

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Biblical Leadership Perspectives The story of Nehemiah rebuilding the walls around Jerusalem provides a good illustration of his leadership qualities. Nehemiah had a mission that he was passionate about. He respectfully went through the proper channels of authority as he went about completing his mission. Nehemiah was organized and planned out how he would complete his task, this was evident when he picked up materials along the way to the city. Nehemiah communicated with those in authority and with the people in the city, he led the people to work together to get the job done. When faced with opposition, Nehemiah did not allow his enemies to distract him from his goal. Nehemiah showed great discernment and he remained humble, always going to God first. One example of Nehemiah’s greatness that stands out is when he did not take the food allotted for the governor because the…show more content…
Joseph’s father gave him leadership because he favored him, not because he earned it. When Joseph’s brothers sold him into slavery, Joseph did not become hardened, he humbled himself and learned how to be a servant. Under Potiphar Joseph earned his leadership. When Potiphar’s wife tempted Joseph, he remained loyal because he had integrity. When Joseph was imprisoned because of false accusations, out of respect for Potiphar, he kept his mouth shut. Joseph was selfless and honest. Joseph was humble, he always gave credit to God for his dream interpretations. Joseph cared for people and communicated with them. Joseph was a good manager of resources. People saw that Joseph had favor with God, Joseph had influence with people. Joseph forgave his brothers when he heard their confession, again showing that his heart had not been hardened. The lesson learned from Joseph is that he recognized his own need to learn and grow, through the process he became a good

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