Chinese Cinderella By Adeline Yen Man

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The novel Chinese Cinderella, by Adeline Yen Man, is depressing. It is depressing because Adeline was hit many time by Niang. Also because she lost her only friend, her pet PLT. Lastly, because her own father forgot her name and Adeline birthday. Overall Adeline has a rough childhood and is treated unfairly. Throughout the story, Adeline gets hit by Niang many times. For example, when Adeline wins class president, her friends decide to follow her. They threw a surprise party for her, but her parents got really mad at Adeline.”She slapped my face so hard I almost fell” quoted Adeline. Nobody should be slapped that hard, especially for a party that Adeline didn’t even know was happening. In pain and embarrassment Adeline asked her friends to leave. Another example is when Adeline was walking to tell her friends to leave. “I realized that Niangs blows must of caused a nosebleed” said Adeline after leaving the parents room. All in all, Adeline is treated wrong and is hit many times, which caused a lot of pain.…show more content…
PLT’s death really made adeline really sad. For example, “ She was my best friend in the whole world” said Adeline to Oldest brother. Adeline lost her best friend that night, Adeline prayed that in the morning, PLT’s leg would be fixed. Another example of Adelines grief is “ It was a night of grief that I have never forgotten” said Adeline. We can only imagine what that night was like for Adeline. Due to PLT’s death, Adeline had lost her best friend and one of the only things that made her

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