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According to Dorothy Day and many other pacifists, the way to avoid war is by use non-violence and by getting rid of all the social ills that bring suffering and discontent to people. Dorothy Day was a committed pacifist born in New York who gave up most of her adult life helping the poor and fighting for their rights. She led many protests against wars. Early life Dorothy was an American journalist, a social activist, a religious figure, a women rights activist and a dedicated catholic convert, who was born on November 8, 1897 in New York City. Dorothy was born in a family she described as solid, patriotic and middle class. She had four siblings, a sister and three brothers. Dorothy’s parents were married in an Episcopal church; they were normal Christians who seldom attended church. During her young age, Dorothy frequently read the Bible. She started attending the Episcopal Church at the age of 10. She later studied catechism, was baptized and confirmed in that church. Day was an ardent reader of socially conscious work and this in turn helped her in her future involvement in social activism. Day was a…show more content…
She however insisted that her movement affirms non-violence as the basic principle. She combined her political and anarchist views with her devotion to the Catholic church. Day insisted on freedom to express herself and to argue with Church authorities on matters that involved the rights of people. She also didn’t see if orderly discipline contradicted with anarchism like she puts it in one of her articles; ‘All anarchists I have met must been the most disciplined of men, orderly and lawful, while those who insist that discipline and order must prevail are those who out of plain contrariness would refuse to obey and are most unable to regulate

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