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Two Loves, One Choice “No one told me there are different kinds of love. The kind that starts deep and slowly wears away; that seems you will never use it up and then one day it is finished. Then there is the kind you do not notice at first, but which adds a little bit to itself everyday like an oyster makes a pearl, grain by grain…” (Ali). In the novel, Brick Lane, Nazneen is faced with two loves, and one choice. A choice of two men, her husband Chanu or her paramour, Karim. Nazneen has a difficult time making her decision and in the end she chose neither. These relationships altered Nazneen.Nazneen’s relationship with Chanu and Karim changed the way she viewed the world around her and herself. These two relationships shaped her from a passive…show more content…
Psychologist, Dr. Carmen Harra, describes a compromise relationship as “In short, they "settle" for one another. They may have children, which causes them further to feel that they're supposed to stay together, though neither may be fully content or in love” (Harra). Dr. Harra, also describes a karmic relationship as “Karmic relationships are enriching experiences that can be progressive, elevating and fulfilling, whether temporary or for the long term” (Harra). Nazneen and Chanu had a compromised relationship, because they truly had to settle for one another. Although, neither one was completely happy with the one another, they still had a bond together, which also makes their relationship karmic. When terrible situations happen like: Nazneen getting sick, their son dying, Chanu being upset that he did not become successful in England, readers can actually feel that they loved one another. But it took some horrific events happening to see the love they had for one another. Everything begins to change when Nazneen meets Karim and their relationship begins to…show more content…
Dr. Harra defines transitory relationships as “a relationship that acts as a bridge between two phases of evolution. It can enact change or ease the burden of major life shifts.” (Harra). Karim and Nazneen’s relationship is a transitory relationship, because he was with her while she was making tough decisions about her life. When Nazneen made her decisions it caused an end her relationship with Karim, “He would not come back. This was good. No. This was bad. At least it was an end” (Ali 274). This quote helps support the claim that the relationship between Nazneen and Karim was transitory. Karim was only temporary while she was deciding what she wanted to do with her life. In the end she chooses to be with neither her husband nor her paramour because she wants to be her own

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