Low Morale Research Paper

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The issues associated with the maintenance of high morale of staff members during mergers and acquisitions are quite complex and wide ranging. They include the level of awareness of the issue, the importance assigned to this factor by management in terms of its potential impact on business, commitment of the leadership team, willingness to allocate adequate resources, use of professional design and implementation of interventions, setting up of mechanisms for interim reviews and course correction and finally the establishment of a robust methodology for evaluation of impact. Obviously a study of this nature requires substantial time and effort. To ensure clear focus and manageability, my research will focus on the initial aspects of the process.…show more content…
The study will analyse and document the extent of lack of awareness, the lack of belief regarding the impact of morale on productivity, and the willingness of the leadership to commit adequate resources to such initiatives. In ontological terms, there is sufficient documented business experience to underpin the hypothesis. This study will not focus on a more fundamental issue in terms of the correlations between low morale and drop in business performance. The implicit assumption in the hypothesis would be that low morale negatively affects performance of the organisation more significantly during mergers and acquisitions than during normal business. There is sufficient research to indicate that there is a higher loss of morale due to the confusion and cultural conflicts that happen during mergers and…show more content…
The objective will be to search for evidence in the real world to support the hypothesis. The study isolates certain variables and would explore their existence, sense of priority ascribed to them, and their interrelationships. Consistent with the views of the early positivists, this study could identify certain principles that underpin an effective management approach and philosophy. These will result in knowledge that could shape or help model actions and behaviours to obtain intended organisational results during tumultuous periods of mergers and acquisitions. To some extent the hypothesis tries to measure the current social world against an ideal model of knowledge, beliefs, and actions. The intention will be to identify some common underlying principles and relationships that could be quite relevant across various social, political, economic, and the cultural contexts. Therefore substantial care shall be exercised in proposing the transfer of such observations, results or applications, based on the results of this study to other organizational

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