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Do you spend long hours on your computer, keeping your hands busy manipulating the keyboard and mouse? And, after the long hours of computer work, do you feel that tingling in your hands and the numbing of the fingers? If you do, the first thing that enters your mind is the carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). Having the CTS is a common belief among computer users. Most computer users think that prolonged work on the keyboard and mouse causes CTS. But, is it the computer work that causes the carpal tunnel syndrome? Are you quite sure the numbness you experience on your fingers is because of the CTS? Not knowing about carpal tunnel syndrome makes one susceptible to the myths about computer use. Blind belief in CTS myths could lead you to decide…show more content…
What you need to know about the carpal tunnel syndrome Are you aware that manipulating your mouse and keyboard puts much stress on your wrist? Resting your wrist on the desk while manipulating the mouse is convenient. But, the actions of your hand and fingers put pressure on the carpal tunnel which causes the discomfort. Knowing the carpal tunnel syndrome As the name implies, carpal tunnel is a passageway found on the palmar side of your wrist. This passageway is where the median nerve that controls the thumb, index finger, and middle finger passes through. This passageway is narrow, and the continuous pressure on the carpal tunnel makes the ligaments and tendons that surround it swell. The swelling of the carpal tunnel reduces its dimensions further. You apply pressure on the carpal tunnel when you extend and flex the wrist and fingers. When pressure increases through the prolonged and repetitive use of the hand, the function of the median nerve becomes compromised; a condition that may lead to the carpal tunnel syndrome. Manifestations of the carpal tunnel syndrome The following sensations may indicate the carpal tunnel

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