Deductive Approach In Marketing Research

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The concept of research philosophy entails a scheme of beliefs and assumptions held regarding knowledge creation and development. According to Creswell (2009), the philosophy or paradigm constitutes a worldview. In aggregate, it constitutes of a collection of beliefs regarding the manner to which data of a phenomenon ought to be collected, analyzed and utilized. The primary aim of science is to transform the things that are believed to exist to things that are known, that is, doxa to episteme. The current research effort utilized positivism since it is the most popular in marketing research. For the current type of research, theory development is followed by data collection that either affirms or rejects the theory. Afterwards, the necessary…show more content…
Mostly, quantitative methods employ the deductive approach based on a hypothesis to enable the results to be generalized. Notably, this approach tends to be limited as it cannot integrate new perspectives. However, inductive approach addresses this weakness as it largely relies on qualitative methods in building theory. The choice of the approach made is dependent on the definition of the problem under study and the nature of the needed information. A close link exists between the positivism approach when conducting scientific discovery and the deductive approach. In his suggestion, Hinkin (1998) argues that the deductive approach ought to be adopted when the theoretical foundation is providing information that is sufficient to generate the original set of items. Hereby, the deductive approach tends to require sufficient insights into the phenomenon under investigation and a thorough literature review that assume the role of developing the theory that define the construct under…show more content…
Even though several other distinctions arise in the research modes, the quantitative and qualitative methods fall under the most prevalent categorization of research methods. In the case of business research, quantitative methodologies normally assess consumer behavior, attitudes, opinions and knowledge. Deductive approach frequently applies the quantitative research methodology that involves systematically investigating defined research hypotheses empirically by utilizing numerical evidences likely to involve mathematical, computational or statistical techniques. In relation to this study seeking to study consumer satisfaction in the context of the prevailing levels of online services that Saudi Airlines provides, it would be possible the quantitative research method to be adopted courtesy of the primary data to be provided with the survey being the data collection method adopted. In using quantitative research to test objective theories, the relationship that is among the variables is examined. Hereby, the variables are successively measured using instruments to ensure that it is possible to use statistical procedure to analyze the numerical

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