Academic Goals For High School

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1.What are your academic goals and why? My academic goals for high school is to maintain my GPA, pass all my classes successfully, and not stress out too much due to homework and school. I am really proud of my achievements in my schooling, and plan to carry that out through and pass high school. Outside of high school, my goals are similar. At college, I plan on attaining my four year degree and eventually get my masters degree in library science and administration. What are your career interests and why? My endgame dream career is to be a librarian at a university or the head librarian of a branch. Ever since I was little, books have been a passion of mine. My friends growing up were books, and being able to have a career surrounded by them is remarkable. Even today, I usually have my nose is some sort of book because I love reading so much. I also love to help people and make people happy, another reason why I want to become a librarian. Whenever I volunteer at the local library, I am reminded of how valuable they are. That while some kid’s parents can’t afford toys, they can bring them to the library and help them discover new worlds within the pages. That is why library science is so appealing to me. What are your personal strengths and qualities that should be stressed? One of my most prominent strengths is…show more content…
I joined the staff my junior year, and joined again my senior year. Last year, I was the design editor, and designed the book with just one other person. This year on staff, I am one of the editors in chief along with being the design editor. Yearbook takes up most of my free time, but I wouldn’t change that for anything. I am also an active participant in the history cub, and CSF. The community service I participate in is at the Ceres County Library. They have a children’s program there, and every Thursday for about a year now, I go and help the kids build whatever activity it is that

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