Informative Speech About A Large Company Likely Monopolizing A Market

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Specific Purpose: The purpose of my speech is to inform the audience about a large company practically monopolizing a market. Introduction I. Attention-Getter: How many of you own, have owned, or know someone who owns a pair or reading glasses or sunglasses? How many of you know the brand of those glasses? And who how many know the company that manufactures that brands sunglasses? Now what would you say if I told you that there was one company that manufactured pretty much every brand named pair of glasses you owned, and if they don’t make the glasses you own then, unless you bought them from Walmart, then they probably own the company from which you bought your glasses? Well I would say that that sounds a lot like a monopoly. But monopolies…show more content…
When companies don’t attest to Luxottica’s demands, they have the power and money to take the company down. i. Columnist Bret Aarons, when interviewed by 60 Minutes, says that competition in the eyewear market is only an illusion; in reality, Luxottica is a bully in the market which is why they are nearly a monopoly ii. Competition like Walmart is what keeps Luxottica from being a total monopoly; not that Walmart is posing a large threat. [Most people have never heard of Luxottica, mainly because the company tries to keep a low profile] 2. Luxottica is listed on the stock market, with soaring numbers. They raked in 8 billion dollars in 2012 and profit has only risen. a. The profits brought in by Luxottica are in a large amount because of desire of a trending brand. But if most people knew that the brands all the brands that range by hundreds of dollars were made in the same place, they probably wouldn’t be as willing to pay as much for the product. i. Rather than broadcasting the Luxottica label, the company chooses to only highlight the major brands—another way in which refrain from public acknowledgement ii. When interviewed by 60 minutes, CEO of Luxottica had no explanation for why they chose not to broadcast where the major brands are

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