Being Successful Through High School

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Like the old saying “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink”, one can put students through high school, but that doesn’t guarantee them to learn. Being successful in school, leads to being successful later on in life. The last and best opportunity a student has to become successful is during his or her high school years. During this time, students are expected to grow and change before going off and starting their lives. By obtaining just a few great characteristics, students can be on their way to being mature young adults.In order for high school students to be most successful in school, they should have the willingness to be responsible, to persevere, and to be motivated. Students who are responsible, show control,…show more content…
“ Perseverance is also a personal value, because it gives shape and strengthens your character which allows you to keep your focus on your goal” (Perseverance).Having a goal keeps one’s mind in place. Having a good mind set will keep one’s priorities moving along, and in a student’s case, having perseverance keeps one on track and in check with school affiliated activities. “Perseverance means that you focus on the end result and not on the pitfalls that will come” (The Importance). Being able to move along in life and dealing with bumps along the way is important in anyone’s life, especially a high school students. During high school, student go through a lot of changes, and being able to push through them no matter what, will help one both emotionally and academically. “Students with high levels of perseverance and grit have the highest GPAs and best attendance, and are more likely to be accepted to the most prestigious schools” (Baker). Pushing forward to bigger and more complicated topics only improves the educational ability of a student. Thus, likely leading to a more successful academic life. Being perseverant is what helps one go along in high school successfully, but putting perseverance and motivation together is what really strives students to the

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