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The authors oppose this criteria of assessment of universities, and they advocate that the ranking system of universities must include the following real criteria such as social accessibility of universities and equality of everyone. Crow and Dabars present “ASU is a comprehensive public research university, measured not by whom it excluded, but by whom it included and how they succeed: advancing research and discovery of public value: assuming fundamental responsibility.” Here the authors affirm that ASU is reachable for not only people with high incomes but also for people with lower incomes. ASU does not try to improve its scale of ranking with increased applications’ rejection. Instead, during the period of the reform, ASU has increased…show more content…
It means that research area of university offers a significant return on investment, and bring large amount of financial resources into Arizona state economy; (4) ASU research has purpose and impact – ASU created Arizona Biodesign Institute which involves with studying the biodiversity of the local area. This research enterprise will enable ASU to discover innovations in sphere of bioscience, biotechnology, and the same time this enterprise help to crate better climate condition in the local area; (5) ASU committed to the success of each unique student – ASU has created various approaches of teaching, and the authors believe that traditional method of teaching became less adequate. Thus, ASU is working on how to integrate traditional method with the new approaches of teaching. ASU is concerned with academic excellency of each student; (6) creates knowledge by transcending academic disciplines - ; (7) connects with communities through mutual beneficial partnerships - ; (8) engages with people with people and issues locally nationally,

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