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Although according to Genesis man and woman were supposed to agree upon values together producing a culture that sustains life, man’s voice is often the driving force of society, and the book of Judges depicts nothing different. It’s not that there is an absence of women featured in the book, however. Women are highlighted in several narratives and even seen besting man and taking his glory in battle, even driving a tent peg though his temples. However, the narratives that highlight women become progressively less feminine (e.i. the tent peg). Achsah The first woman featured in judges asks her father for a good land to raise her family in. “When she came to him, she urged him to ask her father for a field. As she dismounted from her donkey,…show more content…
Women even in her anatomy was created to accommodate, and help man. Women are givers and do not even own their own bodies as the gestation of a baby inside her shifts her organs around to the point that for 9 months of gestation her body seems to exist simply to incubate and house the life of another. However, just as life in Judges, woman has recognized that there seems to be little place for her in society. If she is to exceed expectations of what a woman can be, she must be like a man. Tent Pegs & Power Suits Seated at the tables around which culture is formed and an ethic is decided upon, woman’s authentic voice is silenced. The right to vote was withheld from her, and the right to an education was not afforded her. Inadequacy was projected upon her, she was misunderstood by me. Finally she realized that in order to be heard, she must beat the man at his own game. However it came at the great cost of her femininity and strength as a woman. Modernly women burned their bra’s and adopted shoulder pads, much like Jael shed her feminine roll and went for a tent peg. In order to succeed in life, women needed to go to work like a man. Women were set up for this by culture, and distanced for knowledge of their own anatomy as well as the power of being a

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