Traumas: A Short Story

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A little boy cradling a small animal in his arms approached, nestling against the picture of Mickey Mouse on his torn t-shirt. “I need a coffin for my puppy” the little boy said. I ran to the scrap lumber pile and found bits and pieces that would be the appropriate size for the coffin. Bambo advised that I assist him with the coffin. I wasn’t as fast nor were my joints as tight but I was still superior to Kwasi. The little boy gently put the puppy into the box. “He’ll be cold”. I fetched a handkerchief and tucked it around the puppy. “How much does it cost?” the boy asked. “Do you have any money?” father implied. The little boy shook his head left to right. “I didn’t think you did. Take the little coffin today, but come back tomorrow to help

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