Zach Ferryman Anthropology

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According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention adults age 20 years and over who are overweight, including obesity has climbed to 69 percent. Overweight and obesity is the second leading preventable death in the United States. The US is currently in a war against obesity and is desperately losing. This war sparked a bright interest in my brother Zach Ferryman and that is the reason why he was the perfect candidate for this matter. Zach’s interest came to him recently when he stared working as an EMT ambulance driver for CARE. This job allows Zach to encounter the worst of the worst first hand when it comes to injuries and diseases such as obesity. During his encounters I asked Zach” which one stood out to you to the most?” Zach’s…show more content…
As a kid and teenager Zach was an active healthy human, until he started working regularly and joined society in the war against obesity. During this interview I learned Zach has great past, present, and future experience with obesity. The blinding hot sunrays beating into our eyes with every passing second more swear dripped down our moist back having only one thought to keep this cold air from hitting nothing else, but our dripping faces. We had just sat down on the couch and I looked over at Zach after we had just finished working out at the gym and asked him “Question number one, what are three words you would use to describe your personality?” Taking a deep breath in and exhaling he answered “The three words I would definitely use to describe my personality would be blunt,…show more content…
He just recently earned a raise in his job and he said “I’m taking this opportunity to make a change.” I asked him “what kind of changes do you plan on making?” With a small smile Zach replied “First thing I plan on doing is eating healthy. I am going on a website to see what I need to do for meal planning, so I know I am doing it right. Second is I will make more of an effort to exercise. I’m hoping with these changes I can start to save money and feel more energetic throughout the day.” As Zach’s brother I am very happy to hear that coming from him. I want him to live a good and healthy life. As Zach and I were finishing our interview Zach’s girlfriend Ashely walked in and I took this chance to get a quick question about Zach’s plan for change. I simply asked Ashley “What do you think about Zach’s goal for eating healthy and exercising?” Ashley replied “I am thrilled to see him take the initiative to become healthy. If I see him becoming healthy than it will probably rub off on me.” Trying to become healthy is proven to be easier if you have a partner to help you. A partner will help push you and keep you on track when things are getting rough. These two will have their work cut out for them in the future, but with them having each other anything is

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