APS Students: My Future Choice

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Question 1: Explain in detail what you aim to learn with your college of choice APS/APM and how it relates to your future goal. (approximately 150 words) I believe that becoming an APS student is my best choice. The reason why I choose APS is that studying at APS gives me many advantages to succeed in the field of Hospitality and Tourism. As I know, APS program provides me not only with specialized knowledge, but also with essential skills such as problem solving, leadership, which I can apply effectively to my future career and be flexible in every situation to provide the best customer service. Additionally, while studying, I also get to know about cultures, languages and other aspects of Japan in particular and those of Asia Pacific countries in general. This will open the door to many opportunities to work in multi-national companies. Furthermore, in a global-oriented study environment like APS, I can freely come up with creative ideas, have more chances to learn, exchange with international friends to broaden my mindset and develop communication skill. Therefore, I am certain that APS will help me succeed. Question 2: Discuss a topic that is relevant to your preferred area of study (e.g world economy,…show more content…
For one specific project, we raised money to help disabled children by organizing a special race and online donations. By spending time working with the team members, I partook in training classes and improved social skills to prepare for the project. During this time, I faced a lot of pressure from the deadlines and problems. However, overcoming them gave all members better unity and great fun. I also accumulated more knowledge on Vietnamese history and culture as well as useful skills like teamwork skills, big games organizing skills, and public speaking ones. Those essential experiences helped me become more active and
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