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South Korea is well known for their education. Not because of the strict curriculum, but because of the amount of education students are forced to get. Considering the amount of education students are offered, Korea is not a developed country, yet. Although many say that Korea will continually establish into an advanced country, I believe that this is impossible in the near future. There are uncountable obstacles that make South Korea stay as a country that just completed developing. The numerous flaws in Korean education allow us to see why Korea cannot grow as much as countries like the United States, China, and Japan. The two main problems with the Korean education are the overloading unnecessary studies forced to students and serious brain…show more content…
One shocking part of the curriculum in all Korean schools is that the students never get to choose or schedule their classes on their own. Even seniors have to follow the schedule formed by teachers and believe that the paradise of scheduling their own classes is only possible once they enter a university. Students have to listen to subjects they are not even interested in and eventually end up sleeping in class because they know the class is no help for their future. Conversely, high school students in highly developed countries have the choice to choose the classes they need for their dream careers, and are able to make the best out of what they are given. To give an example, I spent my middle and high school in an American based international school and as a junior I was asked to choose the classes and schedule them as long as I met the required graduation credits. Since I was planning to go to a veterinary school, I decided to choose AP Biology, AP Chemistry, all the math classes and so on that was needed to reach my future goal. However, when I came back to Korea to finish off my high school years, I was forced to take subjects like Physics and Earth Science I neither needed nor was interested in. The Korean curriculum made me sit in front of my desk for a long period of time studying unnecessary subjects. It does not matter how long the students study for, what they study

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