Argumentative Essay: Should The SAT Be Paid?

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The summer of 2014, my mom plops something on my desk. Was it a brick? No, it was a massive three inch SAT prep book. The intense studying was about to begin. In 1926, the first SAT multiple-choice test was created in order to allow all students a chance to show their skills and knowledge without economic status or their specific high school curriculum holding them back. It was created to give all students an equal opportunities. The SAT taken by students now, however, goes against what it was originally created for. The SAT has become an expression for money and is unable to predict a student's potential success. It is not able to illustrate a student's intellece and knowledge. With this being the case, the SAT shouldn’t continue…show more content…
One cannot deny that having standardized questions has allowed some less fortunate students to lead a more successful life. However, the SAT is not an accurate predictor of a student's success in college or their future careers. The SAT score is a common tool used by colleges when accepting students, even though a three year study conducted by William Hiss proved that the SAT is inaccurate when it comes to predicting a student's performance in college (Hiss, 10). The SAT poorly assess how well a student will do in college and how successful they will be in their careers. The SAT doesn’t test a student’s problem solving or leadership skills, which are essential for success in many careers. These questions, though standardized, provide no insight on a student and their means of thinking. Geiser performed a study on the SAT for the Center for Studies in Higher Education at the University of California, which stated that the SAT is a poor predictor of a student's success in college, especially when compared to SAT subject tests and AP exams (Geiser 3). The SAT is lacking in its success of predicting student potential success for colleges, yet it continues to be a resource for colleges. It is evident that the SAT should not highly stressed on students in American high schools and be changed to a completely new form of testing by the College Board due to the fact that it is an inaccurate predictor of a student's future success. It shouldn’t be a deciding factor in a student's acceptance into college as it does not show problem solving skills, leadership, or their ways of thinking through situations. The SAT standardized questions which are unsuccessful in illustrating a student’s potential and how they will succeed in their

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