What Are The Barriers To Overcome Intra-Physical Activity Programme?

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There are multiple barriers we will encounter when we implement a WHP programme for the employees. The topic I am going to discuss about is physical activity programme for the company. The main barriers I am going to categorize them in terms of deterring employees to physical activity would be: intra-personal barriers, inter-personal barriers, environmental barriers and organisational barriers. With these four broad categories that serve as a framework for barriers, we can identify each individual barrier according to their category and develop strategies to overcome these barriers so that we can have a comprehensive analysis of these barriers. Firstly, intra-personal barriers are barriers that the employee has within himself. In regards to physical activity, this can include the lack of motivation or self-efficacy to participate in physical activity. These barriers are normally self-perceived by the employee and they affect the psychological and biological aspect to deter employee from participating in physical activity. To overcome intra-personal barriers such as the lack of motivation for employees, a…show more content…
One example would be intra-personal workplace barriers such as having an unsupportive supervisor who constantly ask the employee to work over-time hence he or she cannot participate in the WHP physical activity programme. To overcome this intra-personal barrier, the organisation itself must help in addressing this issue. Hence organisational policies and support audit tool must be implemented so that all employees have the rights to participate in physical activity programme. This meant that the higher management must be of approval of this WHP physical activity programme to ensure a supportive culture. As a result, employees would be able to engage

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