A License To Be Happy Analysis

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Nicholas A. Roes writes about the road to recovery in “A License to be Happy.” Roes presents a series of “characteristics” within the article to teach a struggling addict. He focuses on the main ingredients to a happier lifestyle; those ingredients being optimism, gratitude, forgiveness and mutually satisfying relationships. He believes his clients must start by being optimistic, with optimism comes hope and confidence for the future. By maintaining gratitude, they must show the quality of being thankful and kind. When asked to forgive, they will face forgiving what others have done to them and asking forgiveness for what they have done to others. Roes describes mutual satisfying relationships to be the most important, he explains that to live a clean and happy way of life, his clients must surround themselves with more down to earth people. These steps are just reactions to their environment; or traits that could somewhat change their mindset. But instead, he describes each ingredient as scientific evidence, as if finding happiness and meaning of life were actually a scientific process. Roes often squanders the true factor behind all satisfaction; that being religion.…show more content…
Roes writes, “Let’s not offer our clients “rot gut” abstinence. Let’s offer them top-shelf sobriety. Let’s believe in them and their power to control their own destiny.” (Line 55) By saying this, he almost admits that there is a higher power, thus going back on his own shaky theory of happiness being a science of twelve simple

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