Cut My Hair Short Story

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I cut my hair once. Actually several times, but I was three years when I took a pair of kitchen scissors to my hair at five am. As most parents would be, my mum’s pissed. Oh well, the damage was already done. But I never cut my hair as drastic as I did then. Sorry, that’s a lie. My 8th grade year I cut my hair again. It was long and I was wearing a big, baggy, sweatshirt. So I went to run my fingers through it and was met with a giant knot. Brushed it out, hurt like hell, pulled half of it out and had it clumped this was and that on the brush, but I got it out. ten minutes later I did that process again. ten minutes after that, I did it again. An hour went by, I grabbed the scissors and off it went. This made my mother happy because she hated my hair long with a passion. Freshman year, I convinced my aunt while I was at my grandmothers one day to bleach my ends and dye them pink. My mother wasn’t horrified by this to say the least, but then my dogs walks in the room with a pink tail. My aunt thought she was being funny, my mum locked the dog in my room…show more content…
Hair care holds 86,000 locations. Skin care is a close second and growing fast with an expected revenue of $11 billion by the end of 2018. Not only does the importance of skin care help raise the market by so does the opening of skin care to men. Now Cosmetics is my personal favourite, from horror makeup to glam looks. The creativity that falls behind cosmetics is captivating. Cosmetics only share 14.6% of the revenue brought in by the industry. As the the top 3 most marketed services they hold over 60% of the revenue. All others such as, perfumes, colognes, deodorants, oral hygiene etc. makeup the other 40%. With 1 million people employed in the industry there are strong growth expectations.
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