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Five Reasons Why Winter is the Perfect Time for Tennis Holidays in Tenerife Tennis holidays are a great way to spend vacations. It’s a new concept to a number of people and understandably so. Basically, they are trips wherein you spend time vacationing in a certain location and at the same time, play tennis. Our idea of vacations is spending time sitting on white sand and enjoying the hot sun, not hitting felt-covered balls in grass or clay courts. However, have an open mind: tennis holidays are awesome and are a great way to spend your vacation. They’re great especially if you have a partner, and is a healthy recreational activity. After all, it’s a great all-around exercise and can be good fun. The island of Tenerife off the coasts of west…show more content…
The architecture is also pretty unique - one of the best examples are the Pyramids of Guimar, which were built in the 19th century. Another good representation of the local architecture is the Auditorio de Tenerife, which is not only Tenerife’s but also the whole Canary Islands’ architectural symbol. The island is pretty accessible Tenerife is just four hours away by plane from London - you could easily book a ticket and be on your way. Considering the short travel time, it’s a better option compared to far vacation spots. It has two airports - the Los Rodeos Airport and the Reina Sofia Airport. Given its proximity, the travel-related hassles are barely existent. There are a lot of things to do We’ve already mentioned that the island is a great venue to spend tennis holidays, thanks to its warm climate and numerous facilities. Apart from being fun, tennis holidays can boost friendship and camaraderie, especially if you’re going as a couple or with a group. Additionally, it can work wonders for your health, given that you will be exercising when doing

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