Essay On Physical Intelligence

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6. Physical (Bodily) intelligence: It is the ability to manipulate body and bodily movements and/or design products for the body. When we think of an athlete, we think of a person who is not a bright chap and has to be promoted through school to play on the team. The fact is that accomplished athletes are superbly intelligent. Olympic athletes are geniuses. Bodily intelligence is a highly complex and superior ability because it requires a lot of calculations, coordinated movements, intricate balance and posture, and manipulation of space in coordination with one's body. 7. Sensory Intelligence: It is the ability to use one's senses, such as vision, hearing, and smell efficiently and fully. We do not utilize our senses to their fullest…show more content…
The fact is that they were also gifted with exceptional creative intelligence. Take for example, the law of gravity. People had been seeing apples falling from the trees all the time, but it was Newton who looked at falling of an apple in a totally new way and discovered the force of gravity. IQ tests and classroom tests are based on conventional thinking and logic. Often, there is only one answer to a question as dictated by conventional thinking and logic. If you get that specific answer, you get a score. Creative thinking is about a different answer, an answer that we don't habitually think. As a result of this, highly creative people have a miserable time in school. They are often thinking about answers that will be "misses" rather than "hits." 10. The Intelligence of Intelligences: It is the ability to use all other intelligences in an intelligent and purposeful manner. Not all of us have adequate levels of this intelligence. A lot of us don't even know what we got. Many are gifted with extraordinary abilities, but they hardly utilize them to their fullest extent. Their priorities are often messed up and they waste much too much time on insignificant and inconsequential
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