The Pros And Cons Of Bioprinting

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Three-dimensional (3D) printing, is taking a huge role in major innovations within many fields these days such as the engineering, education, and medical. 3D printing in the medical field promises with many fascinated achievements that no one thought that they will be possible someday (Chabuad, 2016). 3D printing technology is rapidly becoming more and more common among doctors and medical researchers. Different professionals from different fields advance the use of 3D printing. That allows patients from different countries to use 3D printing technology to experience better health options (Barnatt, 2013). 3D printing technology can be used in many ways in the medical field such as printing drugs. 3D printers can be used to make chemical combinations. A patient will be able to print his medicines at home, by putting the required chemical ink and raw material into a 3D printer (Mesko, 2015).…show more content…
Bioprinting is a new emerging technology, which includes producing biological tissues from biological tools. That will eventually lead to print organs or even a whole body in the future (Anissimov, 2016). This kind of technology will allow humankind to understand the deep interconnection within the human living parts. Bioprinting is receiving enormous attention from many experts and investigators in the field who believe in the significance of it and expect rapid growth and evolution beyond the present stages (2015). I expect that bioprinting will have a bright future and it will be the alternative solution for transplantation using organs

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