Hermia Character Analysis

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There are many reasons for the actions that people in this story make, but let's start with a simple one. Early on in the play, Hermia decides to make the decision to run away from her father and the city of Athens with her lover Lysander. The first question one may have about what she is doing is what is her reasoning behind doing something as crazy as to disobey her father and the Duke of Athens, but Hermia seems to have a very good motive behind her actions. Hermia’s main motive for her to decide to ram away is due to her father's choice in whom she must marry. Hermia's father, Egeus, wants her to marry Demetrius. A example of him saying this can be seen in the following quote, “I’m here, full of anger, to complain about my daughter Hermia.—Step forward, Demetrius.— My lord, this man, Demetrius, has my…show more content…
She seems to hate Demetrius because no matter what she does to tear him away, he continues to love her more and more. A example of her hatred for him can be seen in the following, “The more I hate him, the more he follows me around” (Shakespeare). This simple quote shows one of main relationships and interactions between characters that we have seen thus far. It shows that the interactions between characters and what they have done in the past are also leads to the relationships the characters have with each other. Due to interactions between Hermia and Demetrius, Hermia continues to despise Demetrius, but Demetrius seems to want a flourishing relationship due to their interactions while Hermia’s interactions show quite the opposite. The relationships overall seem to be pretty straightforward, and were likely written this way so this play could easily be understood by just about anybody in the time period it was written and even today. Character interactions seem to be what makes this play unique, and helps to express Shakespeare's writing well in something that is truly
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