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Odyssey of Space Since the beginning of human history, man has been fascinated by the havens. From the Caveman and the Sumerians depictions of our stars to the missions to the Moon and Mars in modern History. What can we achieve by exploring space? It’s a dream that we as human can only dream in fiction. Or is something that we can take out of fiction and make it a reality. Also what kind of exploration are we going to do? What are the benefits for the governments and the financials of humanity? I think Space exploration, as a survival for our species should be pursuit. One of the reason we should pursuit space exploration is space mining. Mining precious minerals from near Earth asteroids. The only way to explore our Solar System is to make…show more content…
Science fiction writers began writing tales of space mining in the 1930s. But many advances in or technologies could make space mining real. What resources could we mine in an asteroid? According to an article from the main web page of NASA, “There are different kinds of asteroids, and they are grouped into three classes from their spectral type – a classification based on an analysis of the light reflected off of their surfaces. Dark, carbon-rich, "C-type" asteroids have high abundances of water bound up as hydrated clay minerals. Although these asteroids currently have little economic value since water is so abundant on Earth, they will be extremely important if we decide we want to expand the human presence throughout the solar system. "S-type" asteroids have very little water but are currently more economically relevant since they contain a significant fraction of metal, mostly iron, nickel and cobalt. There are rare asteroids with about ten times more metal in them, the metallic or "M-class" asteroids. There are hundreds of thousands of them, ranging in size from a few yards to hundreds of miles across. Small asteroids are much more numerous than large ones, but even a little, house-sized asteroid should contain metals possibly worth millions of dollars”. ¬– William Steigerwald.This is good because they are many resources that are going to become extinct in the future. I think the government should invest more money in to NASA. Also private companies should get involved but regulated by the government. They should have some kind of a lottery so they can invest. Also the government should start thinking of making some kind of scholarship for students to get involved in the mining of natural resources in space. The astronaut program should get more open to more

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