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A Guide to Have the Best Family Summer Trip It’s a travel season! Whether it is about planning to go to a hill station to relax or beach to have fun, you’re all set to hit the road (or the skies) and get out of the town. Summer vacation is here, and everyone is itching to go to places they’ve never gone before. In fact, more than 44% travellers from India would increase their travel budget in 2016, according to TripAdvisor. Indeed, summer vacation is both the best and worst of times. Sure, on the one hand, a break from the tiring routine of the year is welcoming and refreshing, but on the contrary, scorching and hot summer days make you feel restless. So whether you are planning a trip with just your spouse and kids or it involves your cousins,…show more content…
Set a separate souvenir budget: The vacation time gives children the freedom to make their wishes fulfilled. But don’t make your holiday saddle your home with more clutter. Before going out, give an envelope to each child and deposit a small amount earmarked for souvenirs. Each kid may spend the money in the envelope in the way he or she wants to. 11. Pack a travel insurance plan: Before you finally close your packing; don’t forget to pack your travel insurance policy. The policy offers coverage for many things that may otherwise go wrong while travelling. If you or your child gets hurt, the policy can cover medical expenses. If your trip got cancelled or interrupted due to any reason, travel insurance plan covers all the unforeseen circumstances. A travel insurance policy makes sure that you have a memorable and enjoyable trip, away from all hassles. A Quick Look Are you ready to go on a family trip? Travelling with a family can be an enthralling experience, but it comes with lots of double-checks. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts for a family trip. Do's Don’ts Arrive early at the airport Don't leave packing until the last minute Keep travelling distance as short as possible Don't spend the entire day in posting pictures and updating status on social media
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