9/11 Short Stories

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The shy was dark and thick clouds hung low, sweeping the ground. A small black cab pulled up to the Grey Ridge Sanatorium, which slumped atop a sloping hill. The building was constructed with crumbling brownstone and brick and ornamented with dark red shutters that shielded the windows from the nonexistent sun. Maria stepped out of the cab, clutching a small black trunk that contained what little of her belongs she was allowed to pack. Her mother, unsuccessfully attempting to hide her sadness, accompanied her up to the heavy wooden doors. Maria felt tears of her own begin to fall, the saltiness of them stinging the not-yet-healed-scratches that decorated her eyes and face. An orderly opened the door, and the mother and daughter cautiously…show more content…
Cautiously, she opened the door, which creaked slightly as light spilled into the hallway. Maria walked inside, realizing that she had stumbled upon a dormitory. The beds were immaculate, and Maria wondered if they had ever been slept in. She walked towards the back of the room when her right foot slid across the floor. Maria inhaled sharply and hastily regained her balance, but felt her heart jump once she realized that she had slipped in a puddle of dark blood. Marina’s heart pounded against her ribcage and a boy who looked no older than ten shuffled from behind a bed, covered in blood that didn’t seem to be his own. He stopped moving when he saw her, his breathing raspy and constricted. Marina tried to reach out to help him, when he lunged at her and held his hands around her throat. She stumbled backwards and fell onto the floor, trying to scratch at the boy’s hands and face to force him to let her go. The room began to spin as her brain was deprived of oxygen and Maria began to search the floor frantically with her hands, desperate for something to grab. She pulled the cord of a lamp on a nightstand beside one of the beds and pulled the lamp to the floor. Maria clutched the top of the lamp and hit the boy with it repeatedly until he released his

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