9/11 Short Stories

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The snow blows ten miles per hour across the Tundra, creating drifts of white across the landscape. Winter has come to Snowbush with its usual Godawful frozen weather. Everyone puts on their hats, mitts, boots, neck gaiters, snow pants, and coats to travel the outdoors. Now is the time for moose hunting, ice fishing, dog mushing, snowmachine riding, sledding, river driving and snowball fights. It is the most beautiful time of year to be in Snowbush, but also the harshest. As the days get shorter, the weather gets colder, and it costs more to heat the house. Soon the homeless must try to survive the frigid streets, and many find sadness turned into depression without the cheerful sun. Her mother's words are a constant ringing in her…show more content…
The spite she felt that caused her to turn around and get more food just to upset her. As the years went on and the arguments continued things began to change, suddenly she was no longer growing and the food that once fueled her growth instead made her thighs rub together as she walked. Her mother's words no longer annoyed her, but made her feel scared and wonder if she was becoming ugly and undesirable as forewarned. A year ago, she had read a book about a girl with bulimia, the girl ate a whole chocolate cake, then stuck a finger down her throat and puked it all up. The message of the book was supposed to be eating disorders are bad for your health and the importance of getting help, but that was not what Jean saw. Bulimia seemed like the perfect solution to her problem but when she stuffed her finger down her throat that night she was so disappointed. Why? Why, did her gag reflex not…show more content…
In one week she had lost four pounds! Jean felt so happy as she watched the number drop. The only problem was it stopped dropping. After losing the fifth pound it stopped. It didn't make any sense to her she was doing everything right. Eating 1200 calories a day and burning about 300 of them running and actively avoiding bread. After the third week things began to go down hill, she was so frustrated and stressed her grades began to slip as she spent more and more time reading to relax and concentrate on something other than the almost constant

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