9/11 Short Stories

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The school bell rang and both Michael and Jason were on their way home. As Jason and Michael were walking down the street heading towards Michael’s house, which was allegedly going to be the most the most exciting sleep over in the history of sleep overs. On their way, they both suddenly came across looking mysterious, abandoned mansion. It was always there. But they never thought about it. Randomly Jason said why don’t we go into the mansion. Michael did not say a thing. He asked one more time but still he did not respond. Michael started thinking about what he suggested. And figured out that it didn’t seem like a bad idea at first. “Why don’t we check it out since it looks like there is nobody inside?” asked Michael. They both headed toward…show more content…
That shocked them. “Lets get out of here!” Michael screamed. “It was just the wind” Jason replied. “Are sure” Michael said. “Yes!” Jason sighed. They continued to wonder around the main the hall. It was a very dark, creepy room. With a swinging, squeaky chandelier right above them. They explored the enormous room searching for something interesting. Suddenly Jason stopped and whispered “What did I just step onto”. Michael looked down and didn’t say a word. The atmosphere was almost completely silent for a few seconds. “You don’t want to know” Michael said silently. “Just keep walking, lets move on to the next room”. They enter the kitchen terrified of what they might encounter next. As they entered the kitchen they didn’t see anything odd at first, but after roaming around all of that was about to change. They had just bumped into the table and a glass vase fell onto the floor and created a huge BANG. Then suddenly a swarm of rats exploded from inside a cabinet and began to run all over them. They both ran as fast as they can as far away from the kitchen as they possibly could in complete horror and discussed. “Lets leave this place, come on!” Michael cried. “ Lets GO!” Jason

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