9/11 Short Stories

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“ Quite the storm, wouldn’t you say mi sobrino.” asked uncle Juan “It is a shame we won’t be able to go to the graveyard to clean your sus abuelas tombstone.” he said with a hint of grief. “I was dying to clean her tombstone.” Jack said trying to conceal his lie. “I could clean a graveyard and clean the letrina at the same time” he lied again. He could not even go three hours of straight cleaning. “ You little mentiroso, just be lucky that your tia is here to save you from getting your rear beat you little shi..”. Before he could finish, bolts of lightning danced across the dark cloudy night sky, followed by a enormous, ear-deafening, boom that rocked the entire house, knocking down a vase and a picture. To top it all off, all of the electronics went blank or just shut down, and three seconds later, it was followed by glass breaking and a high-pitch scream. Uncle Juan and Jack to ran Maria, Jack’s hermana, only to see a the wi-fi console…show more content…
He was an ordinary 18 year old, who lived an ordinary life with his hermano, hermana, madre, y padre. One day Mick and his family went to the theaters for a movie, after the movie he and his family were walking down a quiet alley that led to the main road. Before they could they could make three steps, a man in a hoodie, who was homeless, told Mick’s padre to give him all the money he had, but Mick’s padre refused. So the homeless pulled out a pistol and shot him in the stomach, then turned to Mick’s madre and hermana lied to her saying he going to leave them alone if they gave up all their money. After they gave up everything they, had he shot them in the stomach but, when he turned to Mick he had already ran to get help, only to return to see his whole family dead and the killer nowhere to be seen. After the incident, the police found Mick trying to jump of a building, but hesitated.” uncle Juan

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