9/11 Short Stories

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It struck midnight at the Leitz mansion when an eerie visit from a stranger came. The stormy night filled with lightning made it particularly odd for a visit at such a time. John Leitz, the owner of the mansion, came to address the knock at the front door. “Hello sir, who might you be?” John said. He couldn’t quite see the man’s face due to his black hood covering over himself. The assumption he was a man was a blind assumption. It was found to be correct, because moments later the man removed his hood from his head, discovering a balding, well aged elder. “I’m a bit cold as you could imagine, would it be alright if I accompanied you until this storm passes?” He peered through the door frame to see a fireplace burning with leather chairs…show more content…
What are you doing out on a night as horrible as this?” “Well, I was out to tend my sheep at dusk, but got lost on the way back to my cottage. I’ve been following this road until I got to your house. I’m afraid I couldn’t recall any landmarks nearby, especially once the sun fell and the storm began.” Taking minor precautions, John permitted passage for the old man to his living quarters. He brought him a blanket and led him to a chair in front of the fireplace. This was the first company John had seen in four days, because his wife had gone on a trip with a friend via stagecoach to attend an important ball back at her hometown. Even when his wife was around, though, John never was an expert at keeping a good conversation with guests. During his leisure, instead of visiting with people of sorts, he spent the large majority reading. This drew back his social interaction skills. However, a listen-and-respond style of communication was all he needed to keep with most of his conversations, including the conversation that followed the old man’s entrance. “How awful of me to not give you a proper name to call me by. My friends, at least the ones who aren’t dead yet, call me Noble, and I suppose you can do the same.” The old man had a grin with few teeth showing following his

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