Hidden Dangers Of Adhd Essay

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Hidden Dangers of ADHD Medication ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is a disorder that causes an individual to not have the ability to control certain behaviors. All individuals that have the disorder ADHD do not carry the same symptoms. Some children that are diagnosed with ADHD are very talkative, easily distracted, and may have a hard time sitting still. There are other treatments besides medication that may help some of these symptoms. Adjusting the environment and behavior modification are other treatments that may be used to help someone suffering from ADHD. Diagnosis for ADHD is very descriptive. There are no real life diagnostic test to determine whether or not someone has ADHD, so most of the time diagnosis is done based on actions and…show more content…
Another teacher from the Audubon Technology and Communication Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, (Tracy Busch) mentions in an article that she thinks high doses of stimulant medication definitely improves behavior but may impair creative thinking or learning. She says that she can tell a major difference between ADHD- hyperactive-impulsive and inattentive students. Tracy notices a difference in how the medication affected both types of diagnosed students (Tracy S. Busch, 1988). Many parents and teachers have both had a chance to give their opinion on how ADHD medications have affected the lives of their children. Adults who have been on medication since childhood also have many different opinions as well. In conclusion it would be fair to state that they all agree on the fact that ADHD medication has a positive effect on school and environmental behaviors (Weber K.S,

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